10 of the World’s Biggest Hotels – Based on the Number of Hotel Rooms to Check-in


    Is it the location? Their stars categorization? Are these the criteria that make the hotel grand? The kind of popularity gains because it is patronized by celebrities, rich people, and the common person alike? Was it their exclusivity and the absolute degree to their privacy? Then, it might be the combination of all these things and others.

    On this listing, we will be looking at the numbers of hotel rooms. After all, a lot judges the success of a hotel because of their holding capacity that can house a large group of guest and not compromise the comfort or quality of the hotel’s service. Next are the world’s 10 biggest hotels based on the count of their guest rooms.

    1Las Vegas- The Excalibur with 3,981 Rooms

    Biggest Hotels

    One of the best and grandest hotels in the city of Las Vegas is The Excalibur. This hotel with medieval-theme has started in 2008 which makes it operational for 10 years already. According to the reviewers, this hotel hasn’t attained yet its maximum potential and certain enhancement can undeniably raise hotel’s stock. This hotel with 28 floors possesses 3,981 rooms in its two towers. Inside this hotel are several stores, restaurants, and theaters that provides entertainment for the guests. And since the place is Las Vegas, it’s not grand without a casino.



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