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10 of the Messiest Festivals in The World


We all like to get a little bit messy every now and then but sometimes people around the world take this too extremes be it with paint, wine or even tomatoes, there are a lot of cultural events that see people get covered in all sorts of dirt and mess. Here we look at 10 of the messiest festivals around the world. Including Haro Wine Fight. Held in the Spanish town of Haro, it is a celebration of their patron Saint San Pedro.

Beginning with mass and a procession, it soon devolves into a scene where locals and revelers, who have attended in white shirts and red scarves, are throwing wine over each other. There are water trucks filled with wine, water pistols filled with wine, buckets filled with wine, and many other liquid containers all filled with wine.

Holi – India (& across the globe)

A Hindu festival of love with its origins in Nepal and India, it has grown to a global scale and celebrated all across the world.

It starts out with a bonfire the night before to celebrate the passing of winter into spring and all the re-birth it brings with it, it then becomes a mass paint fight where people throw dry color and spray colored water at one another.

1La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain

With no religious roots, this festival has been held purely for entertainment purposes every year since 1945. The town’s people gather together, along with interested tourists, to indulge in a mass tomato fight that sees all involved covered in pulpy, red slop.

Because everyone gets involved, the town fire service arrives at the end of the day to hose everyone down after they’ve had their fill.



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